Friday, April 8, 2011

Our Future's Sustainable Renewable Alternative Energy

Our Future's Sustainable Renewable Alternative Energy

Rossi's "E-Cat" can be the answer to our sustainable clean energy future and looks promising at 15x Overunity for 6 hours.

4.69 kW of power for almost six hours was produced by Rossi's E-Cat LENR or Cold Fusion Device.
E-Cat utilized 330 watts (30 of which was used by the electronics controlling the setup) and produced 4.69 kW. This is almost 15x less than the energy produced by the device (14x overunity). The smaller units output was less than the 10 to 15 kW produced by the larger device with 1/20th the volume) by the previous larger version of the E-Cat (LENR or Cold Fusion) device!The result of the experiment was a constant average production of 4.69 kW of power for almost six hours. Rossi's "E-Cat" can be the answer to our sustainable clean energy future and looks promising at 15x Overunity for 6 hours

Witness's claim, "Any chemical process for producing 25 kWh from any fuel in a 50 cm3 container can be ruled out,". The process must be Nuclear. The reactor contained 50 grams of nickel powder and .11 grams of hydrogen. The result of the fusion reaction between nickel and hydrogen trans-mutated and copper was produced. Witness's have confirmed this transmutation.

"a sample of nickel powder that had been in an active E-Cat for two and a half months was given to Kullander and Essen. Elemental and isotopic analysis was performed on the samples utilizing both X-ray Fluorescence and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry. The result was that the fresh nickel powder was almost totally pure nickel, but the nickel powder that had been in an E-Cat contained 10% copper and 11% iron. Two of the copper isotopes detected were Cu63 and Cu65. Kullander has stated this is proof of nuclear reactions taking place in the reactor."
Please contact Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and request for them to investigate Rossi's Energy Catalyzer (The E-CAT). It seem as if the main stream media is reluctant to inform the public about Rossi's "E-Cat" invention that can be the answer to our sustainable clean energy future. As the research program on the E-Cat technology continues at the University of Bologna, more evidence is bound to be released.

Hank Mills of Pure Energy Systems states, " A one megawatt power plant and 300,000 unit a year manufacturing plant in Xanthi, Greece and a factory can start up in Japan",(inrespect to the resent disasters)  Maybe they will be the first to utilize and mainstream Rossi's clean energy E-CAT (Energy Catalyzer). The manufacturing plant is planned to begin  production in October.

Other Links about Rossi's E-CAT: by Rock_nj

My Comment on PESN.COM to Casey (a representative of Mr. Rossi):

"Please put me on a list to be one of the first in AK. I have supported this technology and continue to help in the small ways I can. Many people in Alaska are slave to electric and gas utilities, there is no power infrastructure in many area's and people use the dirtiest power from generators to power their homes. Electric companies will not provide infrastructure and some residents would need to pay $10,000 or more to get power to their home. A clean sustainable energy source will also allow residents to grow their own food with cost effective lighting.This would help our global problem with feeding people NUTRITIOUS ORGANIC FRESH FOOD, not the spoiled nutrition depleted food found on shelves in some super store.
          If I owned the patent to this device I would only want to make small reactors for citizens only. Residents could then power utility company and one error to infrastructure would not leave everybody in the dark. All utility workers would still have their jobs maintaining infrastructure. I realize the smart grid will have to be completed to facilitate the new smart power. Utility Companies are holding up clean energy projects because of costs to members & share holders. This makes no sense to me, do to the fact, "We have to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2020". If we are not proactive and are forced to be reactive, what amount of money will it take then.
        Thanks to everybody who has kept on working to make things work and simply did not just say "Your right,I quite" or it cost to much without really factoring the true cost of not being sustainable for our kids, kids future.  Where is the math coming from when utility companies state, "It would be to costly for are shareholders and members to convert to renewable energy". Do they not use factors such as, What it will cost our country or for that matter our world if we do not  complete a smart grid and utilize sustainable energy."



  1. The following is an opinion of Michael Evans. He has no knowledge of nuclear power except for reading publications that have documented everything stated in this comment.

    Two Types of fusion reactors have been awarded $10.7 million by a Department of Energy grant.
    One is called "Helically Symmetric experiment (HSX)" and the other is "Pegasus, a type of reactor vessel called a tokomak"

    UW-Madison fusion project could be 50 years away because they think it is necessary to have one large device instead of utilizing smaller units & mandating the utilities to upgrade the smart grid to be compatible.
    Mike Evans thinks "Smaller units spread out can prevent major blackouts & any threat to one big infrastructure in the case of a disasters".
    David Anderson a Professor at UW-Madison states "It's the energy of the future". He and other researchers are part of an international group working to build the world's first fusion power plant in France.
    Professor Anderson also stated "one major problem with nuclear fission is that even when you stop the reaction, several of the radioactive byproducts can continue to generate heat for days and even weeks".
    This would not be the case if Mr. Eugene Wigner & Alvin Weinberg's LFTR Thermal Reactor was utilized. Molten-Salt two fluid type reactor utilizing Thorium is safer and more efficient than Plutonium. LFTR was discredited by Congressman Chet Holifield & Director of Reactor Division for (AEC)-Atomic Energy Commissioner Milton Shaw. They both promoted the Liquid Metal Fast Breeder (LMFB)that creates deadly radiation and takes more time to safely shut down, threatens life and property in the case of a disaster and creates city wide black outs. Do to LFTR not being a weapons grade type of nuclear power.

    This info and more is found at:
    Lacrosse Tribune

    With Nuclear Fusion, the nuclei of light atoms, such as hydrogen and helium, are fused to create a heavier nucleus. It's the same kind of reaction that powers the sun and other stars.
    Nuclear Fission is the process we utilize today using plutonium (Should have been Thorium for safer/cleaner sustainable energy. Fission occurs when an atom's nucleus is split into two fragments.

  2. The E-Cat utilizes a very small amount of nickel powder, about 100 grams in a period of six months and uses about 1 gram of hydrogen per day. The E-Cat can be connected in series or parallel to increase the temperature or thermal quantity. His one megawatt plant in Greece will consist of 125 modules.
    According to Timmie Stockman who wrote "Rossi's energy modules are being manufactured right here in the U.S.A. in Miami, Florida. After the installation of the plant in Greece in October, Rossi plans to start taking orders." in his blog:

  3. 25 Minute video about Rossi's E-Cat. More information about production & cost!

  4. At this time, many are shouting "Fraud" but LENR does exist and Rossi has the potential to create an E-CAT that really works. I do not except the lies that are being told on either side and lean towards wanting Rossi to achieve goal and clear his name. "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." by Jesus