Monday, May 31, 2010

Renewable Resource Review



14U2TRUST is currently investigating Jonh Searl a UK inventor. He has created quiet a controversy since the 1950's. However, most people have not heard of his inventions:

SEG - " Searl Effect Generator" & the IGV- " Inverse Gravity Vehicle"

John Searl claims his generator can run continuously for up to 2 years before you need to stop it and check for wear at surfaces of moving parts. Providing enough power to supply your home. The more energy used the cooler his device will operate and the SEG creates positive ions within your home, which has been known to be beneficial to your health.

The cost for an SEG, once mass production is achieved will be around $1000.00. At this time, cost would be around $35,000 if John Searl's Invention becomes a reality. Supporting John Searl and his invention can be achieved by going to his website and buy his video:

14U2TRUST is in search of the truth. Before forming an opinion, 14u2trust has contacted USA.GOV and their reply was " They have no information on John Searl".

Therefor, 14U2TRUST encourages others to contact their public officials (Senators & Congressmen) and inform others of the Searl Effect Generator. We all need to find out facts about this technology before we promote it.

Facts may determine that the Searl Effect Generator is faulty or to dangerous. For this reason, 14U@TRUST can not verify and approve John Searl's -"SEG" at this time!