Saturday, April 30, 2011

Making Sustainable Energy Affordable!

Solar & other sustainable energy devices are affordable if anyone would consider all the factors.

If our Federal Reserves would grant money to our residents through their local government, the citizens of the United States of America that utilized the grant would pay higher property tax's and therefor would be essentially paying back the grant over time. Allowing actual cost of sustainable energy to be paid for by the user of the energy, instead of contractors or original homeowners absorbing such a high cost and trying to recover their money by raising the value of the home.
         Now, factor in the cost of the inefficient Utility infrastructure such as the long distance cables and foreign oil being used to heat homes because they can not afford electric. Many places still exist where electrical infrastructure would cost $10K or more to provide power and many home owners can not afford that cost. Some utilize inefficient generators that burn fossil fuels and provide dirty power and half to drive back and forth to get 10 gallons of gas.

    American Citizens can utilize the grant once a feasibility study proving energy efficiencies has been verified. This is the best and most efficient way to make clean sustainable energy affordable for everyone involved.
Residents providing power and Utilities controlling and storing clean energy instead of burning fossil fuel and leveling mountains that ultimately lead to more and more carbon being released into the atmosphere. Every country in the world will need to cut Carbon emissions 80% by 2020. Making energy affordable will free some people from slavery (I mean work instead of retiring, just to pay for living expenses) and create jobs for others.

Grants from your local government you pay tax's too and paid back through increased property value for clean energy can be the answer to making clean energy affordable for everyone.

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